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You’ve most likely heard of Social Media. You might even use it to some extent for your business, but let me ask you a question.

Are you getting real, tangible results?

It’s a common misconception that just dumping links to your products on Twitter will draw the masses to your website and products. Chances are if you do that, you’ll just get ignored, or get reaction that doesn’t convert to tangible business. The concept of Social Media Marketing may sound easy, yet we still see clients going about it all in a wasteful, inefficient way.

At Storkey Media, Social Media is one of the key areas we help grow our clients businesses and brands. Instead of sending mindless information out into the ether, we get to know who your audience is, the Social Platforms they use the most and the type of content and style of communication they warm to.

Social Media Marketing has relationship building at its core. That’s why we don’t bombard your ideal customers with pushy sales pitches or click-bait. Instead we engage as one human to another. We get to know them, build their trust and form alliances built on friendship and great conversation.

We then measure the results of our efforts using solid analytics and tangible data. We won’t pluck figures out of thin air, but instead show you how well your campaigns are going.

Ultimately we see Social Media marketing as a constantly evolving process. As platforms grow, change and improve, we do too. But one thing that remains central is the importance of not just creating outstanding content, but for brands to give people outstanding communication and engagement.


Facebook Marketing Services

With over 1.23 billion users of Facebook, there’s no escaping it.

Managing a Facebook Page can be tricky at the best of times, but Facebook keep shifting the goalposts, and changing their algorithms.

The result. Not so good. For everyone except Facebook.

Many businesses have seen their Facebook Page reach decline massively. The changes in the Edge Rank algorithms have resulted in a decreasing percentage of posts ending up in people’s feeds.

Why? Facebook want you to spend more money on advertising…Yes. It’s that old chestnut.

While paying for Ads in some areas can be a valuable tool to establish a good Facebook audience, it’s essential to identify the key ways you’ll keep your customer engaged over the long term. Just going back to adverts, without focusing on great content and interacting with your audience is Facebook suicide.

But life on Facebook can be good, and businesses can (and do) make lots of money.

Want to know how?

We offer comprehensive Facebook Marketing solutions to ensure that your Facebook presence continues to grow, providing you with a valuable return on your investment, and a direct route to interact and sell to your audience.

Instagram Marketing Services

We collaborate with you to design and develop a campaign that connects you with the people who love what you're about. Our campaigns get these people to be part of your ideal audience – that is, the people who are interested in buying from your business

Target Audience

We work to attract new customers to your brand. But we’re not just targeting everyone en masse like some of the other guys. We’re targeting real people who are legitimately interested in what you have to offer.

Gain Followers

We believe in the organic growth of your base of followers. We’re only interested in real people who are active on Instagram and who will be engaged by your brand. In other words, potential customers.

Increased Engagement

The growth that we can help your Instagram account achieve will lead to more engagement across all significant metrics. Your website will see a boost in traffic, and your sales conversions will increase

Customer Information

Either as a one off project, or as part of a monthly account, if you’d be interested in finding out more, please drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill the form letting me know what you’re looking to explore.



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